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# General Membership To access the tools and features of the COIL Connect for Virtual Exchange website and to participate in our webinars and activities, you must register as a General Member. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. The site is open to all those interested in Virtual Exchange (VE), with a focus on the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) format. **COIL Connect General Member Benefits** - Access our Worldwide Directory of COILing Higher Education Institutions. - Search listed Courses Seeking Partners. - Explore and utilize COIL Survey Data. - Meet and dialogue with other members in Connect Space. - Access our Partner Organizations which provide services to the field. - Message COIL Coordinators at member Higher Education Institutions. - Become an HEI member if you coordinate/manage a COIL Initiative. - Become a Partner Organization, if you provide services to the field. - Sponsor other HEI memberships. **Registration Process:** 1. Select Register on the Home COIL Connect website. 2. Provide your name, email, institution, and position. 3. Choose your 2 most relevant institutional/COIL roles. 4. Save. 5. Click through a confirmation email to activate your membership. 6. Select all or some notifications on your account page. 7. Gain immediate access to all general member benefits via the Home page. 8. Stay engaged.